The Garage At

Manor Complex

GPS Address:

564 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Day Rates
0 - 1/2 Hour $10.00
1/2 - 1 Hour $12.00
1 - 2 Hours $14.00
2 - 24 Hours $16.00
Night Rate
4:30pm-6:00am $4.00
Weekend Rate
Saturday/Sunday $4.00
Event Rates
Penguin Games $13.00
Concerts $10.00
Monthly Lease
Lease $250.00
  • PPG PAINTS ARENA - Less than a 5 minute walk
    • GET IN AND OUT - Entrances and Exits on both Forbes Ave and Second Ave
    • LESS TRAFFIC - Avoid the traffic congestion of parking adjacent to PPG Paints Arena
    • GET OUT FASTER - Prepay your parking at the paystations after you park to avoid the line after the event
    • SAVE MONEY - Prices vary based on event, but will be at least half the PPG Paints Arena garage
  • Downtown parking with easy access to the Liberty Bridge, 376 East, 376 West, and 279 North
    • Convenient Daily Commuter Parking
    • Enter and Exit on Forbes Avenue or Second Avenue
    • Credit Cards Accepted at All Pay Stations and Exit Gates: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • Recommended Exits
    • To Liberty Bridge use Forbes Avenue exit. Turn right on Forbes Avenue and take next right to Liberty Bridge ramp.
    • To 376 E use Second Avenue exit. Turn left on Second Avenue and follow signs to 376 E.
    • To 376 W use Second Avenue exit. Turn right on Second Avenue and left on B Street. Follow the signs to Fort Pitt Bridge.
    • To 279 N use Second Avenue exit. Turn right on Second Avenue and right on Ross Street to Veterans Bridge (579 N).