Steelers Parking

North Shore Parking Guide

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  • Gold Lot 1 thru 4 - $40 per game, $490 for presold season - SOLD OUT
  • Gold Lot 2 - $40 per game, $490 for presold season - SOLD OUT
  • Gold Lot 3 - $40 per game, $490 for presold season & limited game day parking
  • Gold Lot 4 - $40 per game, $490 for presold season - SOLD OUT 
  • Red 5 (West General Robinson) Garage - $40 per space, Handicap spaces available, first come - first served.
    Handicap drop-offs are located at Gates B&C
  • Red Lot 5A - $40 per game, $490 for presold season - SOLD OUT
  • Red Lot 6 - $40 per game, $490 for presold season - SOLD OUT
  • Red Lot 7A-7C - $40 per game, $490 for presold season - SOLD OUT
  • Red Clark East Lot - Reserved & SOLD OUT
  • Blue Lot 7J - $40 per game, $490 for presold season & limited game day spaces available
  • Blue 10 - North Shore Garage - $25 per game, **CHEAPEST PARKING**
  • Green 21, 22, 23 - $40 per game, $490 for presold season - SOLD OUT

Additional parking downtown ranging from $5 to $20 on evenings and weekends.
 Heinz Field Guest Services: 412-697-7150 (press 4)

Parking Lot Code of Conduct

Alco Parking Corporation is committed to creating an enjoyable parking experience for all fans. To provide visitors the safest and most enjoyable tailgating experience, we ask that all guests make themselves aware of the following Parking Lot Code of Conduct.

  • Guests must follow the directions of parking lot staff and park within the space designated for your use. Extra spaces WILL NOT BE SOLD. Tailgating is to be contained to the paid space only.
  • Solicitation, commercial or otherwise is prohibited.
  • The sale of food and alcohol is prohibited.
  • Glass containers are prohibited.
  • Personal port-a-johns are prohibited.
  • Tents are prohibited.
  • Furniture is prohibited (other than folding lawn chairs & tables).
  • Limos, RVs, motorhomes and any other oversized vehicles are prohibited.
  • Guests must comply with city police who will patrol all parking areas to keep the aisles clear and to enforce regulations.
  • Guests are asked to leave the parking areas no later than 1 hour following the end of the concert.
  • Guests are responsible for their conduct. Failure to comply with the Parking Lot Code of Conduct will result in immediate City of Pittsburgh Police intervention.
  • Indecent behavior will result in immediate ejection from lot.

Tailgating Policies

  • No space will be sold exclusively for tailgating in any North Shore location. Space is sold only for the purpose to park a vehicle.
  • City police will patrol all presold lots around the stadium to keep the aisles clear and to enforce regulations. City police have also requested that Presold Parking Tickets must be displayed hanging from the rearview mirror upon approaching the North Shore and remain on your vehicle while you are parked in the lot.
  • Open fires, other than cooking grills, will not be permitted in any of the lots. No glass containers are permitted. No tents, beach umbrellas, portable toilets, limos, RVs or any other oversized vehicles are permitted.
  • Parking lots will be open five (5) hours prior to game time for football and four (4) hours prior to baseball events. Cars will not be permitted to sit in front of the entrance to the lot prior to the lot opening.
  • Presold parking ticket holders are responsible for their conduct, as well as the conduct of any guests and/or persons holding their parking passes. Parking patrons and guests who violate parking regulations will be subject to ejection without refund and potential loss of future parking privileges.