Monthly Lease Parking

The following parking locations currently have monthly leases available:

11 Stanwix Street Garage 

Garage @ 11 Stanwix St, 15222
15th and Smallman Lot

Open lot @ 1501 Smallman St, 15222
Eastside Bond Garage

Garage @ 30 Annie Place, 15206
Manor Complex Garage

Garage @ Forbes Ave & 2nd Ave, 15219

SSW - Furnace Garage

Garage @ 536 S 28th St, 15203
SSW - Hot Metal Garage

Garage @ 2822 Sidney St, 15203
SSW - Ladle Garage

Garage @ 2640 Sidney St, 15203
SSW - PTC Garage

Garage @ 401 Technology Dr, 15219


All other parking locations are FULL.

If you would still like to apply for a lease, click here to be included on the waitlist for your preferred location. When applying, please choose your top 3 preferred locations. There is no obligation if you change your mind later. Wait time for a lease is determined by the number of cancellations/terminations of old leases.